Technetium high installer arrives 3 days before your company, the important matter that demander wants to confirm and prepare:
1、The installation point has 380V power, and has been arranged to the installation point 1 meter (the external power line is prepared by the customer);
2. The ground pit shall be constructed according to the requirements and shall be full 7 days dry. There is no water, no seepage, no garbage, no pipe and other sundries in the pit.
3. Confirm the distance between the hydraulic station and the equipment (the standard is placed within 2 meters of the equipment);
4. Tools such as forklift truck, which can be carried and lowered into the pit, and the equipment can be pulled to the pit and pit (supplier side);
   (install the width of > device in and out of the channel, and the field road is smooth and free of obstacles, etc.);
5. Climb to the second floor, without floor opening, single side, and vertical clearance between the pit edge and the second floor≤100mm
(≤100mmThe supplier can make up, but should inform the preparation material in advance, and more than the required repair);
6. The stressed walls and force holes should be concrete pouring or steel frame structure.
 (The brickwork is not good, the buyer needs to build a fixed support frame around the equipment);
7、After the completion of pit construction, the actual pit size is measured in accordance with the size of the pit.
(The ground level is required, the pit wall is vertical; Pit and have openings for vertical alignment, embedded hole Φ 80 pipe production line);
8. During the installation time agreed upon by both parties, the site shall be responsible for receiving and handling, installation, acceptance, training and maintenance, etc.;
9. If the equipment is installed outside, and after the installation of the equipment is completed, the demander shall immediately do the rainproof facilities;
Technetium high equipment installation steps are as follows:

Attention to technetium high equipment installation:
1、The sling and forklift truck and crane load must be more than 1.35 times the weight of the equipment;
2、Pay attention to the "O" ring to prevent oil leakage when connecting tubing;
3、If the motor turns but does not rise, please adjust any two of the power lines;
4. When adjusting the height, level and position of the machine, people may enter the pit, and the safety protection measures should be taken under the machine;    
   such as:a、Specialist care  b、Prevent the machine from falling into support  c、Crane or forklift fixed equipment
5、When padding the machine, the chassis must be solid.
6、Tubing and wire are fixed to prevent the machine from running.
7、Installation in the outdoor equipment, a suit, please immediately build a rain shelter.
8、Cover the rain board outside. Slope to prevent rainwater from entering.

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