1. The company promises that during the warranty period, there are any problems that cannot be solved by phone, which are the product quality of our company. All the tickets are purchased for free repair in 24-48 hours.。
Ii. Other than warranty: affordable maintenance.

After-sales commitment (the following is a month of technetium free exchange, maintenance, rectification)
1. The products received by the customer are completely inconsistent with the model and cannot be used for the rectification.2, the product itself can't be repaired.3, functional defect cannot be repaired due to the damage of product function caused by transportation process

After-sales service product training. 
The training arrangement Training time The installation and commissioning shall be implemented immediately after acceptance.
Training programs Product use and maintenance
Other support Use instruction, warranty card, equipment necessary spare parts, various label stickers

Warranty: one year warranty, lifetime price maintenance.
Quality assurance commitmentMeet the conditions
One year warranty The product shall be installed within one year from the date of installation of the product: no installation shall be made within 13 months from the date of delivery.
Normal use and regular maintenance within one year.
The product caused by the production of the equipment cannot be used and normal use and cannot be repaired functional problems.
Lifelong maintenance The complaint handling outside the warranty period and the maintenance caused by improper use will be charged and solved in time according to the materials and labor costs.

Standard: JB/T9229.1-9229.3-1999

National service hotline: 18934571636 、 0512-69576816

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