Working principle of high altitude operating platform

    Hydraulic oil made constant pressure pump, the oil filter, electromagnetic valve, throttle valve, check valve, balance valve in hydraulic oil tank bottom, make the upward movement of the piston rod of the hydraulic oil cylinder, increase weight, hydraulic oil cylinder solenoid valve back to the fuel tank, the oil in the upper back to its rated pressure through the relief valve to adjust.
    The piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder moves downward, and the hydraulic oil is entered into the upper end of the hydraulic tubing through the solenoid valve, and the lower end of the hydraulic tubing is returned to the oil tank through the balance valve, one-way valve, throttle valve and solenoid valve. To make the weight fall calm, safe and reliable braking, set the balance valve on back to oil, balance circuit, maintain pressure, make the falling speed is not affected by weight changes, the throttle valve flow adjustment, lifting speed control.

High altitude work requires attention

    The safety regulations of the high-altitude operation platform clearly stipulate that the protective equipment should be dressed neatly at work, the trousers should be tied up, and the safety helmet should be worn, and the smooth hard shoes should not be worn. Seat belts should have sufficient strength, and tied the rope tightly on the solid structures or metal structure, are not allowed to be on the event object, safe appliance and climbing equipment such as safety helmet, safety belt, scaffolding, ladders, etc., must be safe and reliable, it is forbidden to adventure homework.
    Before the power line operation, contact the relevant unit to power the power failure. After confirming the power failure, the operation can be carried out and the insulation wall should be set in the working area. All electrical, mechanical equipment, metal shell and driving track must have reliable grounding or repeatable safety measures. No modification of electrical equipment and wiring for non-electric personnel. If you use hand-held power tools, you must ensure that they are insulated and reliable, have good grounding and power cuts, and wear gloves when operating.

High altitude operation safety technology
1. Protection of "three treasures".
(1)Any person entering the construction site must wear the safety helmet according to the standard.
(2)Any more than 2 meters above the height of the operation is the height of the work, must be equipped with the standard and the job requirements of the safety belt.
(3)When working on a high altitude, there is seldom a strong hanging point of the seat belt, which must be set up before construction.
(4) high operating point must be set to hang below safety net, all without outside scaffolding as protection construction, must be in the first layer or set a fixed safety net 4 meters high from the ground, one layer is set at the same time with the wall structure can increase step by step set net or net.
(5)Outside scaffolding, bridge scaffolding and other operation layer, it is necessary to set up a small hole safety net to prevent accidents caused by people and objects falling.
    "Four ports" refers to the construction of the stairway, the elevator mouth, the reserved mouth and the crossing. This "four mouth" is the danger point of falling objects to attack damage. Therefore, good safety protection is an important part of construction safety.
3. "adjacent" protection.
    In the process of construction of the building, not installed outside surrounding the railing of the balcony, no hands and feet of roof, frame structure of the surrounding floor, surrounding the construction with the ramps two side, the discharging platform outer side must take effective protective measures, such as fencing and erection of safety net is generally adopted.
4、Roof and light roof protection against falling.
(1)In the ceiling and light roof (asbestos tile, glass fiber, etc.) operating on walk, must ride on the pedal, the gravity transfer permanent and reliable structure, or safety net to prevent it fall below.

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