Quality control method

First, comprehensive quality, including product quality, service quality and cost quality;
Second, the quality of the whole process, refers to the quality throughout the whole process of production, with the quality of work to ensure the quality of products;
Third, the quality of the whole staff, quality education for the staff, emphasizing the whole staff, forming the quality management team;
Fourth, the quality of the whole enterprise, the purpose is to establish the enterprise quality assurance system.
Seven kinds of commonly used tools, total quality management is in total quality management activities, used to collect and analyze quality data, analyze and determine the quality problem, control and improve the quality of seven kinds of commonly used methods. These methods are not only scientific, but also practical. As the group leader, they should first learn and master them, and lead the workers into practical production.

1. Statistical analysis table method and measure schedule method.
Quality management is scientific and everything depends on data. Therefore, the statistical analysis of raw quality data in the production process is very important.
Second, permutation diagram method.
The permutation graph method is an effective method to find out the main factors affecting product quality.
Steps to make a sequence diagram:
1. Collect data,
 2. Stratify,
3. Calculate,
 4. Arrange the diagram.
3. Causal analysis diagram.
The causal analysis graph is also called the feature map. In its shape, some call it a tree branch or a fishbone. It is an effective tool for finding reasons for quality problems.
Notes for drawing a causal analysis diagram:
1. The big reason that affects product quality is usually analyzed from five major aspects, namely, human, machine, raw material, processing method and working environment. There are several reasons for each of the major reasons, and the reasons for that are specific to small reasons, and the finer the better, until measures can be taken.
2. We should give full play to our technical democracy and brainstorm ideas. Don't interrupt when others are speaking. All opinions should be recorded.
4. Hierarchical method
Stratification is also called classification, which is the method to analyze the causes of quality (or other problems).
Processing data in an enterprise is usually classified according to the following principles:
1) according to different time points: according to different shifts and different dates;
2) according to the operator: if new, old worker, male worker, female worker, different seniority classification;
3) according to the use equipment: if different equipment model, different work fixture and so on classification.
4) according to operation method: if the working conditions such as different cutting amount and pressure are classified;
5)According to the raw material: if different feed time, different material composition and so on classification.
6) classification according to different detection methods.
7) other classification: classification by different factories, using units, using conditions, climatic conditions, etc.
In a word, because our aim is to distinguish the different kinds of problems. Easy to analyze the problem to find out the cause. Therefore, there are many kinds of classification methods, and there are no hard and fast rules.
5. Histogram method.
Histogram is short for Histogram. It is a graph of data that is represented by a series of rectangles of equal width and height. The width of the rectangle represents the interval of the data range, and the height of the rectangle indicates the number of data within a given interval.
6. Control chart method.
The control chart method is a commonly used quality control statistical method to determine and predict the fluctuation of quality in the production process. It can directly monitor the process quality in the production process, have stable production, guarantee the quality, active prevention.
7. Scatter diagram method.
Scatter diagram method is an effective method to control the factors affecting product quality by analyzing the relationship between data of two factors.

Quality management values.
Quality first:
Quality is the life of the enterprise, quality is the foundation of all things, and enterprises to survive and profit, it is necessary to adhere to the principle of "quality first, from beginning to end is able to provide customers with quality products and services, can be conducive to invincible position in the fierce competition.
Zero defect:
Zero defect is abandoned faults NanMianLun, set up without fault philosophy as guidance, require staff "are working correctly right from the start, the first is doing things right", and work to eliminate the disadvantages for the goal of quality management activities.
Source management:
Quality management should be given priority in order to prevent, eliminate the bad hidden danger in the bud, such not only can ensure the quality, but also can reduce the problems, not to reduce the number of changes, make the whole work quality and efficiency of enterprises improved.
The customer is supreme:
Modern enterprises are in the hands of customers. For our company, customers need to be put first and serve customers wholeheartedly. The enterprise should set up the service concept of "customer first", put the customer service in the first place, think the customer to think, urgent customer's urgent.
Meet the needs:
Quality is the intrinsic characteristics of objective and subjective satisfaction the unity of the need, the quality is not enterprise since said the words, but will be able to meet the needs of customers, only meet the requirements of customers, and customers are willing to pay, enterprises can be profitable.
Handle quality:
Enterprise's behavior head from beginning to end received special attention to all the staff, his cognition, views and attitudes of quality largely determine the quality of the staff work head shall ensure that the quality target and operation of enterprises in the same direction, the all-round quality of work.
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