Operating safety instructions

Improper use may result in loss of personnel and goods, and shall be subject to the following matters in use:
1、The lifting platform requires special operation, and the operator must be familiar with the operation rules.
2、The non-professional personnel shall not open, dismantle or alter the electrical equipment and hydraulic equipment on their own.
3、使Check whether the circuit and hydraulic system are normal before use;
4、In the process of use, it is strictly prohibited to stand at the bottom of the table or to pile up debris.
5、During the maintenance of any lifting platform, the platform must be hoisted to the working table of the platform and supported for double protection to work;
6、The overflow valve shall not be adjusted arbitrarily. Arbitrary adjustment of the overflow valve may cause abnormal operation of the hydraulic system; 
7、Removal of any part of the hydraulic system must be carried out completely under pressure. Lest the pressure oil gush out of the table;
8、Lift platform carries the goods are to be uniform, shall not exceed the worktable size, unbiased, not overload, machinery operation to soft smooth, such as loading by cart, the cart must be fixed on the platform, not scroll;
9、The lifting platform must be placed on a firm and flat surface in use, and it is strictly prohibited to use on slopes in case of tipping over the work;
10、Use the "up" and "down" button to make the workbench work;
11、If the lifting platform has excessive pressure, abnormal sound or abnormal phenomenon, it should be stopped immediately, and the professional staff shall find out the cause and remove the fault.
12、The supporting leg of the mobile machine must be supported in accordance with the regulations. 
13、It is forbidden to work outdoors when natural wind is higher than level 3.
14、Do not operate on the lifting platform when moving.
15、After installation of the outdoor fixed lifting platform, it is necessary to do the rain protection measures immediately to prevent the equipment from being damaged.
16, cargo platform is strictly prohibited to carry people. The supplier is equipped with a safety device that can be operated by the door closing, and it is prohibited to disassemble; If the door is not supplied by the supplier, the buyer must arrange the door immediately after installation.
17、Clean and lubricate the hydraulic system and mechanical system of the equipment regularly according to the instruction manual, and maintain and maintain the whole machine.
The design advantages of technetium high modern elevator are summarized as follows:

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