The customer finds that the manufacturer's production problem cannot be solved by itself:

The above all content does not include the flat wagon, because this equipment information is complete, the high strength technetium only provide telephone guidance service, one year has belongs to the quality problem of product parts, high force technetium provide equipment wearing parts for free

Client responsibilities:
If there are any problems with the products sold by technetium, customers should immediately send technetium-technetium-high after-sales service telephone.  0512-69576826。
A. The customer shall prepare the following information:
1. Factory number of machine equipment;  
2. Equipment model;  
3. Product type;
4. The user should be next to the device and follow the instructions of technetium-techs.;  
5. Details of the failure.;  
6.Prepare failure documentation and equipment failure pictures or video if conditions permit.

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